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Inventing, Designing, and Engineering for All Students

How to facilitate accessible, hands-on experiences with neurodiverse learners

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Discover how any library space can introduce engaging engineering experiences using their existing staff, space, and resources.

Maker programs, which involve hands-on production of physical or digital artifacts, are an engaging way to have youth pursue their personal interests as they learn the engineering design process (EDP). Autistic youth in particular often have deep interests related to STEM. In this informational and interactive session,  you'll learn about approaches for facilitating low-tech, pre-engineering activities designed for all learners in inclusive settings where neurodiverse students learn and explore alongside their peers. Whether you’re an experienced maker, curious about starting a maker program, or just thinking about introducing new hands-on learning experiences, the activities and facilitation methods from the IDEAS Maker Program (Inventing, Designing, and Engineering for All Students) will provide insight and guidance on implementing a program that can reach all learners.