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 What types of lockers does Bibliotheca offer? 

We currently offer two solutions: remoteLocker (indoor) and remoteLocker outdoor.

 How do lockers hold up in the weather? 

remoteLocker indoor is designed for indoor climate-controlled environments.
remoteLocker outdoor is rated for fully outdoor installations and has an IP54 rating for the direct weather exposure.

 What are the site requirements for installation?

remoteLocker indoor requires a level surface with standard 110v power and data.
remoteLocker outdoor requires a concrete pad, a minimum of 5” thick, and standard 110v power and data. For the complete site requirements, please see the respective remoteLocker pre-installation guides or contact a member of our team that can provide you with more information


For indoor lockers, how many units can be added to the central tower? 

We can add a maximum number of 15 twins per central tower. These can be either solid or clear to offer browsing, and we can add bins for returns.


Can lockers be moved to another location after the initial installation? 

Yes, lockers can be moved to another location. However, the optimal method of moving lockers depends on your type of locker, size, and the distance they need to move. Lockers attached to a wall or floor, for example, will need to be disassembled (only by trained bibliotheca service technicians), transported, and reassembled at the new site. It is also advisable to connect with our support team to ensure you move the lockers properly. 


Do lockers have to be mounted to a wall?

No, lockers do not have to be mounted to a wall. However, for installations where a sufficient concrete pad is not available for floor mounting, the lockers come with wall brackets for extra stability.


Is staff training included, and what does it cover? 

The installation technician will train staff on the basic functions of the remoteLocker. Extensive training on the remoteLocker is available from the Bibliotheca Academy, our corporate training department.

Do lockers need to be in an enclosed or partially enclosed space? 

remoteLocker indoor needs to be installed in a climate-controlled facility. remoteLocker outdoor needs no additional protection. It comes with an awning and motion-controlled lights that turn on and off when motion is detected at night. However, it is recommended to install the locker under an additional awning, cover or existing building overhang to maximize patron comfort in severe weather. 

Can patrons request height-specific lockers? 

Yes, that can be done via ILS. To accommodate patrons with mobility issues, the suggested workflow is for the library to add a second branch or service point in the ILS named “ADA Accessible Locker”. This will indicate to the library staff that the patron needs their item placed in one of the ADA height lockers.

How are the lockers powered? Do I need one electrical outlet for each tower? 

remoteLockers need a single standard 110v power outlet. Power enters the unit at the control tower, which supplies power to the rest of the unit. 




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